We aim to become a significant player in commodity trading by operating with integrity, trust, and reliability.

Our mission is to deliver competitively priced physical commodities while providing excellent professional services and complete transparency in an ethical and socially responsible manner.

Looking for Minerals Chemical Importing like Semi-Process Talc Stones or Agriculture, energy, metals, and environmental commodities?

The purpose of Modeg-Trans is to trade physical commodities in the international market place.


We are also multi-commodity trading brokers with strong clearing operations.

In addition to managing and facilitating the relationship between suppliers and buyers worldwide, we act as end physical buyers and sellers.

About Us

Our goal is to help you lower the cost of purchasing by helping you take full advantage of the opportunities available when you buy globally.

Our expertise and highly skilled staff will ensure that you receive high-quality products and top-notch service with the highest level of efficiency.

From supplier sourcing to delivery, we actively monitor the whole flow of information and products on behalf of our clients.

Additionally, we make sure that both product quality and delivery punctuality meets the expectations of each client.



Sourcing & Importing Made Easy

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Frequent Questions

  • Overpaying by 10-30% for products
  • Quality control problems are rampant
  • Managing social compliance actively
  • Frequent delays in shipments
  • Suppliers do not provide regular updates
  • Subcontracting risks (more common than you think)
  • Sustainability is a difficult issue to manage
  • Agents who are unreliable (mostly agents work for commissions from suppliers, which means they are more dependent on suppliers)
  • Get the best quotes from multiple suppliers by negotiating with us
  • We inspect product quality every step of the way after placing an order. Samples are inspected before shipment.
  • Contracts and terms must be negotiated
  • Payment management is what we do
  • From sampling to production and shipment, you receive updates
  • Without kickbacks from suppliers, we work for your best interests
  • We can select suppliers based on our extensive database of suppliers.
  • Minimum order quantities that are lower

We guarantee transparency and lower costs than traditional sourcing methods.

In order to add value to your supply chain, we assess your current situation.

Our services are tailored to meet your budget.

By building cost-effective, compliant, end-to-end procurement solutions, we build trust with key organizations.

We help you make your purchasing process more efficient and take advantage of the opportunities that come with buying globally.